Gordon W. Dale

Gordon has lived in such disparate regions as the Sub-Arctic, the Canadian prairies and Central-East Africa, but presently makes his home in California. He has written travel, adventure and humor articles for various North American magazines. Gordon’s novel Fool’s Republic, was published by North Atlantic Books in May 2011. He is currently at work on another, tentatively entitled What We Remember.Fool's Republic


Praise for Fool’s Republic:

The New York Journal of Books: “Important and timely…  The power of the book is not simply the story, but also the breathtaking prose used to tell that story.  A must-read…”

San Jose Mercury News: “A new political thriller exploring the limits of personal freedom and the psychology of resistance.”

The Winnipeg Free Press : “[A] soliloquy born of reflection and nightmare, replete with musical, literary, historical and biblical references… thoughtful and compelling.”

Tulsa Books Examiner: “Simon will be your favorite character, but the people he meets along the way will touch you, repulse you and intrigue you… It’s a book that you will want to discuss with people. That’s when you know you’ve read something good, when you’re thinking and talking about it long after the last page has been read.”

Mysteries and More: “The ending was brilliant and unexpected. It is the rarest of thrillers, a reflective work, neither dependent on gun nor bomb to create suspense. I will be thinking about Wyley and “the land of the free”. It is an excellent book.”

BookBound: “I opened the book yesterday just to read the first page (I’ve currently got three books on the go so this one was going to wait until I’ve finished at least one other) but before I knew it I was on page 60 and had trouble putting it down!”

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